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Logging weights and reps
Logging weights and reps

Track your progress

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Logging the weight you lift is an essential part of your progress in the gym. With almost 1000 exercises in the app it's easy to lose track so we've made things super easy for you. Ultimately we want you training and not staring at your phone so the process is streamlined as follows.

  1. When you have completed a set or round, tap the tick to mark it as completed.

  2. Tap the Weight Log button then enter the weight you lifted

  3. Tap Save to return to the workout and get ready for your next set.

Weight Log

The reps, lbs and kg fields are all editable and if you plan to lift the same for each set you can copy set 1 to all sets with a single tap.

What weight to lift

On the main workout we show you what your last lift was for that exercise. Your aim is to either beat your previous lift or even perform more reps at the same weight if you find it has become easier as you progress.

Learn more about what weight to lift here.

Rest timer

When you mark a set or round as completed you have a rest timer that is preset to the amount of time our coaches recommend for that exercise, on that specific workout. You can change the settings by tapping the cog at the bottom of the workout screen.

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