We have such an emotional attachment to food and drink. It's hardly surprising as every day we're hit with relentless marketing from companies telling us that the fun and love in our life is down to what we put in your cake hole! 


The irony is you never see companies who sell vegetables tell you that eating their food will make you happy, love more, share more and have awesome friends surrounding you in your perfect life. Yet the reality is bad food makes you feel like shit and ultimately look like shit. Once you're on their rollercoaster ride it's hard to get off.

You can and should enjoy your food but at the end of the day your body wants nutrients and will thank you for that fuel in your physical & mental state and your general wellbeing.

You're taking on our Gym Plans so you're no slacker. You owe it to yourself to fuel for body well to perform and feel at your best. 

There's plenty of comprehensive meal planning guides out there and the purpose of this article is to get you to realise that it's something you can do and to give it a try.

Step 1 - Learn.

Spend some time watching YouTube videos to see how others who meal prep approach it. If you can check your social timelines a zillion times per day and binge watch Netflix boxsets you've got time for a few 10-20 minute videos. This is time you're investing in you.

Here's a great 3-part Nutrition Basics series from Mike Thurston. We don't know Mike or are affiliated in any way, but his videos on nutrition are great. All credit to Mike and maybe give him a sub.

Step 2 - Reprogram your brain.

Give yourself more than one reason for doing this:

  1. If you buy your lunch at work you can save a lot of money each month by meal prepping. 
  2. You're taking control... and that feels good.
  3. You're way, way, way more likely to hit the fitness and aesthetic goals you want. Fact! You know this already.
  4. You'll reduce muscle soreness, recover quicker and be able to train better.
  5. You'll visibly look healthier. Better skin, hair, nails, brain function, the list goes on.
  6. You're flipping the bird to the big corporates who brainwash people to eat garbage. Design food so it's addictive and makes you emotionally attached to it. They're not getting your money!

Step 3 - Gather information.

You're going to need to know your Macros, they're listed under the nutrition tab of each gym plan and they're personalized for you.

Step 4 - What you'll need.

There's only a week where you'll find this process hard. What you'll learn will set you up for life by changing your relationship with food. 

• Buy or loan some food scales from friends.
• Consider buying a meal prep bag, rucksack or just a cool bag.

However, one caveat... don't blow a load of money on expensive equipment until you're sure you enjoy the process.

Step 5 - Have a go and feel good about yourself.

Set aside one evening where you have a few hours to plan and cook your meals. Weigh your food to a point where you can learn enough to eyeball portion sizes later if you don't want to be too strict.

• Don't worry about getting it right first time.
• Don't expect instant results.
• Be in it for the long game.

How many meals should you have?  Basically it doesn't really matter as long as you hit your daily calories/macros.

You'll find your way, it's all about having the discipline to stick at it. You train all the time so you know you've got what it takes to do this too.

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