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5 tips for working out at home

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We know all too well what it feels like to lack motivation to work out at home. It isn't the same as going to the gym for many of us. Equipment is often limited, you may feel less desire to push yourself without being in your gym environment. It's too tempting to sit on the sofa and eat junk right?

We're no exception to this, so we've put together our favourite ways to get your workout done successfully and above all to make it count!

1. Prepare Your Workout Space

As the saying goes, "tidy room, tidy mind". We can guarantee that if you set yourself an area of your home that's your space to workout you'll be more motivated to do it. Clean, organised and ready to use. So have your own designated 'work out space'.

2. Make Yourself Accountable

Start by setting yourself a simple goal of how many times per week you're going to work out. Set an alarm on your phone for the time of day you will start your workouts. Think of this as your time and form a habit of giving yourself time out to work on your physical health and wellbeing.

3. Killer Playlists

Music is by far one of the best motivators when it comes to uplifting your mood. So before starting your new workout routine, create a killer playlist of your favourite songs. 

4. Go To Bed Earlier

It's easy to stay up late right watching movies, then going to bed and scrolling endlessly on your phone. Unfortunately, one of the biggest killers of motivation is being tired. Start by going to bed 30 minutes before you normally do and turn your phone off 2 hours before bed. You'll thank yourself in the morning and feel full of energy.

5. Enjoy Working Out

Choose plan from the app that excites you, motivates you and makes you want to give it 100% effort. Try something new, bodyweight HiiT, resistance bands, etc just because your gym is shut doesn't mean you can't come out of the other end of this pandemic in better shape than before! We continue to add new plans to the app while we're on lockdown, so you'll never be short on things to do!


These 5 things might not seem game changers but combining many or all of them together add up to a significant boost in your results while we're all adjusting to working out at home.

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