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How to choose a workout plan

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Gym Plan.

On the Search screen you'll find our exclusive collection of workout plans.

You can choose to follow the plan exactly as written by our qualified trainers or you can modify an existing program to your needs. This saves you an enormous amount of planning time and still allows you the flexibility to choose exercises you prefer.

How to pick a plan

As you scroll down the screen you'll see the plans are grouped into categories.

Most often, members want to build some lean muscle and lose a few pounds of fat. We've got you covered, you are going to be lifting weights and burning calories with any of the plans!

The difference between the categories is the exercises and styles of training you get.

If you already know what you like pick a plan from the categories that match your style of training. If you're into weights and cardio, choose a plan from that category, don't worry you can adapt every element of the plans to your preferences.

You can also do single workouts from our huge library under the workouts tab, top left on the search screen. This is superb for days when you go off plan and just need a quick fix.

How to get started fast

If you're new to working out in gyms our advice is to just pick a plan you like the look of, there's no hard and fast rules. You can learn what you enjoy doing most as you go. Every workout even if you don't complete a full plan is contributing to your future results.

Our advice for getting started fast is not to worry too much about what you choose as we've made sure all of the workouts are super easy to personalise.

Whether that's to match your equipment or because you don't like certain exercises. There's over 1000 exercises in Gym Plan so you'll never be stuck for something awesome to do.

It's best to follow along with the structure of the plan you choose however workouts can be done in any order. You're still working out and you will still get results even if you don't follow everything perfectly. What matters most is consistency in how often you workout and obviously the intensity you give.

Don't forget enjoying it does matter! That's why we focus on workouts that make you feel really great every time you complete one. A real sense of achievement, they're not easy but nothing worth having comes easy.

You can add multiple plans if you wish and alternate between them or easily restart your favourite plan with a few taps. All your workout plans will be waiting for you on your Home Screen each time you log in so you can get working out straight away.

Did we mention you can try the app free for 7 days?

How to change exercises

You may need to change exercises as you go. Maybe a machine is busy or you don't like a certain exercise. Tap the EDIT button during your workout to make any changes you wish.

The sooner you start your first workout the sooner you'll see results!

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