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How to edit your workouts
How to edit your workouts

Add, change, reorder exercises. Edit sets, reps and more!

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If your gym doesn’t have certain machines or equipment the app will give you recommended alternatives.

During your workout tap Edit at the top left of the screen.

Your workout will switch to edit mode where you can:

Add new exercises

Tap the green plus icon to insert a blank exercise stage allowing you too chose the type of set you want.

  • Single set = 1 exercise that you can choose the amount of sets you complete.

  • Superset = 2 exercises you perform back to back, for the number of sets you choose.

  • Triset = 3 exercises you perform back to back, for the number of sets you choose.

  • Max Rounds = Set an overall time in which you will constantly repeat the exercises you choose. Each time you complete them that equals 1 Round. The aim of the game is to complete as many rounds as you can in the allotted time.

Reorder Exercises

Tap the bars icon to move your exercise stages up or down.

Change exercises

Tap the change button to open the exercise edit screen where you can change the amount of reps and weight you're going to lift. You can also change an exercise for a recommended alternative or something completely different.

Increase / Decrease Sets

Tap the + button to add a set and tap the grey set ticks to open the menu to remove a set.

Enable Prep Sets

Tap the grey prep set button to turn on the new PREP SET feature.

Prep sets are an extra lighter weight set with an increased amount of reps that we add to the start of the exercise for you. This helps you practice the movement pattern and warm up the muscles ready for your heavier, working sets.

Enable Burn Out Sets

Tap the grey set ticks to bring up the menu option where you can change the normal set to a BURN OUT SET.

Burn out sets are where you do not have a limited amount of reps that you're aiming for. You are going to keep going until you can do no more! They're awesome for getting great results as you become more experienced in the gym.

Delete an exercise

Tap the trash icon to delete the entire stage from your workout.


The reset button at the top right will return the workout to it original state.

Tap Done, top left when you've finished making all your changes to return to your workout.

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