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Calories / Macros πŸ”₯
Calories / Macros πŸ”₯

How do we calculate them

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A simple way to monitor whether you're burning fat or gaining weight is by knowing your calorie intake and expenditure. As the saying goes "it's calories in versus calories out".Β 

Don't overcomplicate calories. If you want to drop weight, consume fewer calories than you burn; if you want to gain weight/size, consume more calories than you burn.

We calculate the calories specific for you using the Harris-Benedict principle, based on 100 years of research. The more information you provide us (age, gender, height, weight) the more accurate we can predict the calories.

To calculate calories for a given workout, we combine the information you provide us with the structure of the workout. We look at things such as the duration and the type of workout, along with its type of training and the muscle groups used; for example a leg workout comprising of HiiT sets will burn a lot more calories than an arm workout of single exercises!

While we've tried hard to get calories as accurate as possible, we're still learning and know we can get even better. So if you spot anything you think can be improved please chat to us in app. However, it's worth noting that many popular calorie trackers are notoriously inaccurate, as recent research from Stanford University showed. So take what they tell you with a pinch of salt!

Ultimately, a workout is as hard as you want to make it, and Gym Plan workouts are designed to be challenging. So keep pushing yourself and you'll continue to shape your body and hit your goals!


Your macros are personalized from your height, weight, age and take into consideration the workouts in your queue. Whether you're male or female doing a muscle building or fat loss you can quickly introduce the recommended calories per day to match your workouts. This is broken down into grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats that we recommend you eat each day.Β 

Want to learn more about calories and nutrition? Check out the Nutrition section.

See you in the gym! πŸ‹οΈ

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