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How many times a week should I train?
How many times a week should I train?

How many times you should train per week for your goal

Updated over a week ago

Firstly it really comes down to what your goal is and how much time you can commit to working towards it. 

Looking to lose weight/burn fat?

Ideally, 3-4 sessions per week would be great here. We recommend using full body workouts each session. If you train less than this, stick with full body sessions. If you train more than 4 times per week, look to switch your workouts up to upper and lower days to allow muscles to recover.

Looking to build some muscle?

Ideally get in 4-5 sessions per week, working on single muscle groups each session or even doubling up i.e. chest and triceps. This would allow you to work a few muscle groups twice per week for more growth. If you train less days than this, aim for full body workouts. Train more than 5 days? We recommend single or double muscle group sessions and 1 day of cardio or bodyweight to allow your body to recover.

Each of our plans will recommend different amounts of days to train each week based on the goal. Follow these as best you can for maximum results.

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