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Completing a workout
Completing a workout

Quick start guide

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Workouts are divided into stages with SETS to complete.

Tap on an exercise to watch the demo video and perform each set of exercises for the number of repetitions shown.

Check off the sets you have completed by tapping on the ticks of each exercise.

We will start a rest timer so you know when to go again.

To fully complete a workout check off all the sets or rounds shown in each stage then tap the green WORKOUT COMPLETE button. This will enter the workout into your exercise log save any weight lifted entries you've added. Helping you keep track of the amount of weight you're lifting for future workouts.

If you can not fully finish your workout (for whatever reason) you can still log what you have done. Tap Finish and choose to log only the sets you've completed.

The next time you workout, open the app and start the next workout in your plan. The hardest part is showing up, we'll take care of all the thinking for you.

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