Your workout queue acts just like a music playlist. It's flexible, powerful and even talks directly to your personalized nutrition! Automatically setting your recommended calories to match each week of your plan based on your goals.

Let's get to it.

Just like a music playlist

We want you to spend less time planning and more time enjoying your training. 

Your workout queue has no limits. 

You can plan ahead as far as you see fit, adding weeks or months of awesome training to look forward too. 

As you add workouts or preset plans to your queue you can decide to queue them 'next up' or to the 'end of your queue', just like you would with music.

Each day you login to the app you'll be automatically given the next workout from your queue.  

Viewing your workout queue

Simply tap the Workout Queue button at the top of your main Workout tab. Or tap the red workout icon. 

Next up

This is the next workout to complete. 

It will be automatically sent from your queue to your main workout screen so you can start working out as soon as you open the app. Super simple.  

Learn more about the options available with your Workout Queue.

Read the Workout Queue FAQ.

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