How memberships and the paid subscriptions work

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Subscription plans

We offer various lengths of subscription, including but not limited to Monthly and Annual memberships.

To see prices for your country please go to your account screen and tap the upgrade button.

Shorter subscriptions periods are useful for those who workout infrequently and longer subscriptions are the best value for people who are regular gym-goers.

Paying upfront for an entire years training is very cost efficient for you, typically less than 1 hour of a personal trainer! You also have only 1 payment per year which can be far easier to plan.

We are one of the lowest priced gym specific training apps on the App Store. This is because we're an independent company owned and operated by its founders.

Our goal has and always will be getting you working out regularly as part of a healthy active lifestyle. We have never wanted price to restrict people from training smart and effectively.

Building and maintaining an app such as Gym Plan is very expensive. However we remain committed to keeping our prices low.

Did you know you can help us to keep our prices low by simply rating the app?

You may think something as simple as tapping a star rating on the App Store can't help much but ratings play a huge part in apps getting seen on the App Store.

The more we're seen the more we're downloaded. More people getting in shape with Gym Plan means we can keep improving the app and ensure our prices are the lowest on the store.

How you pay for your membership

You pay your membership subscription using your Apple ID billing account and all payments are managed by Apple. You do not pay us direct, we never see or have access to your card details. For payment enquiries please contact Apple Billing Support.

You will not pay anything unless you explicitly decide to subscribe.

We will give over 100 free workouts you can access anytime. You will only pay if you choose to subscribe to a membership plan using your Apple ID account.

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