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Home Screen Plans Reorder

The Home Screen was intended to be where you only add the plans you're doing right now. We preload items to help speed up the time from you opening the app to starting your next workout. With many plans added to the Home Screen this caused a major slow down in loading.

We've temporarily moved all plans except the top 3 to a separate screen. This was to fix the issue with super slow loading times for people with many plans active at one time.

Next on our list is to rethink how this works so you can reorder your 'Active plans' and bookmark plans you are interested in for easily retrieval later.

The first step will be allowing you to reorder all your plans properly again upon which we will likely release as a separate update. Then we'll move onto the ability to bookmark plans to clear up your 'Active plans' list. This will make things much easier for you too manage and avoid any crazy load times.

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