Update 8.0.2

What's new in this version update

Updated over a week ago

Hey everyone! Bug fix update is now live.

Thanks to everyone for chatting with us to report these.

What's been fixed in v8.0.2

1) Copy to all

Fixed an issue where pressing copy to all on the weight log would not save.

2) Crashing

Improved the app to help avoid it crashing.

3) Slow loading

We've changed the Home Screen to load in your Active Plans in groups of 3. We've discovered users are adding more plans to their home screen than it was designed to hold. Using it as a way to SAVE plans rather than where their Active Plans are kept. We do background loading to help Active Plans load faster which is causing the issue when there's larger quantities of plans active at one time. We'll improve things more in a future update to add the ability to bookmark plans you're interested in.

What's been updated

Subscribe Screen

Apple has asked that we update the subscribe screen to better explain how trials work for new users.

What's coming next update

LB & KG logging changes

We're changing back to show both LB & KG at the same time on the main workout screen, the weight log and the edit/change exercise screens.

We previously changed it so the app would recognise your location and/or unit preferences. However this has resulted in a few reliability problems and unusual edge cases where LB & KG is marked on different equipment within the same gym.

Rather than make things complicated we'll show both units at the same time and whichever one you enter your information in will save to your log.

What we're working on

Rest Timer

We're investigating the rest timer issues when leaving the app.

Putting your screen to sleep or switching apps is forcing the rest timer to pause. To ensure the timer works correctly please stay inside the app until we release a fix.

Thank you from the team here at Gym Plan. Keep pushing for the results you deserve, remember it's all about consistency!

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