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How long will it take?
How long will it take?

To get results and see visible change.

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Let's start with a reality check.

  1. There are no shortcuts.

  2. You will need to form new habits.

  3. This will change you forever.

What affects the outcome of achieving results.

Danger Zone

People who take zero action and no care in regards to their health and wellbeing. Long-term gradual damage both physically and mentally. Very hard to get out of this zone without absolute desire to change behaviours. The silver lining is people in this zone stand to make the fastest visible change in themselves once they commit to a plan. We want to get you out of this zone ASAP and start building a healthy habit.

Risky Zone

Why would having good nutrition but not exercising be risky? Results are 80% diet right? 

Well, the reason is our society is engineered to tempt us into bad habits. Food manufacturers bombard us every day with tasty offers and tempting (addictive) treats. Nutrition requires more self discipline than training does. We're not advertised at to not workout or take exercise. Only you can take responsibility and control over what you eat and beware of yoyo dieting. 

There's a reason why combining training with good nutrition increases the likelihood of long-term results. Motivation. You're way more likely to eat well when your lifestyle includes regular, enjoyable workouts. In the same way you are more likely to want train and enjoy it when your nutrition is on point. They fuel each other in a symbiotic relationship, it's like free motivation.

Maintenance Zone

This may work for some but eventually over time this approach will have diminishing results. It's often said you can't out-train a bad diet. True enough, however unfortunately you can stand still quite easily. 

If you're in this zone, ask yourself... "Why am I doing this?" 

If it's because you love training and don't want to have any limits to what you eat or drink, that's fine. Know this however, it won't work for you long-term. You'll gradually move further away from the best shape you are capable of being in. 

Old habits, die hard. It's best to learn now how nutrition will make your training and results better while your motivation (battery) has plenty of charge.

Goldilocks Zone

This is it, now the fun starts. The Goldilocks Zone is where the real results are. At this point you've made a true investment in yourself that you cannot put a value on. Everything about you is better, you look and feel the best you have in your life. You're confident and happy in your skin with a sense of personal achievement that's surprisingly more addictive than those old bad habits.

We exist to get you here. We've done it for thousands of people just like you. We'll take the pain away of knowing what to do and when. All we ask is that you turn up and do it.

What results can I expect over time?

Stage 1 - Within one month

Some physical changes with an increase in your fitness. You are starting to form a habit of commitment and your motivation is improving. You are beginning to move away from thinking about your short-term goals and are ready to decide what long-term changes you'll work towards.

Friends and family notice your physical changes way more than you.

Stage 2 - Within three months

Your body is adapting to your new lifestyle and you can see a real difference in yourself. The habit is formed and you're looking for bigger challenges as you've conquered some of your goals and realise you're in this for the long-game. You're hooked.

Friends and family are impressed with your results and will be asking how you've done it. Friends you've not seen in a while will be stunned by the physical change you've made.

Stage 3 - Within six months

You're well on your way to living in the Goldilocks zone. The old you of six months ago is unrecognisable to who you are now. You don't see working out or eating well as a chore, it's a choice you want to make every week and you love it. You've stopped worrying about scales a long time ago and you'll be pushing yourself to achieve more specific fitness goals as well as inspire others to do the same.

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