How to workout for free

How to get the most from a free plan

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The free plan gives you access to over 100 workouts. Simply create a free account using your email address.

To burn fat aim for 3-4 sessions per week.

We recommend using full body workouts. If you train less than this, stick with full body sessions. If you train more than 4 times per week, look to switch your workouts to upper and lower days to allow muscles to recover.

To build muscle aim for 4-5 sessions per week.

Working on single muscle groups each session or even doubling up i.e. chest and triceps. This will allow you to work a few muscle groups twice per week for more growth. If you train less than 4-5 days per week aim for full body workouts. Train more than 5 days? We recommend single or double muscle group sessions and 1 day of cardio or bodyweight workouts to allow your body to recover and grow.

If you're new to working out you can see an improvement in both muscle gain and fat reduction. As you progress focus on what's more important at the time. It's can be tough to both build muscle and burn fat at the same time ongoing.

Don't overdo it! Your body will reward you with growth and progress when given sufficient time to rest and recover from intense workouts.

How to find a free workout

  1. Go to Search > Workouts

  2. Tap the muscles you want to focus on and set the duration.

  3. We'll give you a list of workouts that match, showing the free workouts first.

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