Using Resistance Bands At Home

The benefits of training with resistance bands

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Everyone has different equipment in their home gym set up, whether it's just bodyweight and a mat, a set of dumbbells, kettlebells or even a full gym set up. If like us, you have resistance bands at home, want to use them or aren't too sure on what to do, then this article should help. 

Here's my top 5 tips for using resistance bands at home.

1. Smooth, Constant Tension

You may find that you are able to control and perform resistance band exercises better than you do with free-weights. This constant, smooth tension will allow you to squeeze your muscle groups, leaving them with the over-worked feeling you desire.

2. Adapt On The Fly

With resistance bands you can change the amount of slack on the band to make an exercise have more, or less tension, which is great for when you're starting to burn out. You can also swap from double handed to single handed exercises very easily, allowing you to make things instantly more challenging as you progress.

3. Progress Through Colours

The majority of resistance bands come in different colours as the tension (strength) of the band increases. These colours will be different brand to brand, but what's great is that once you get the maximum results from one band, it's easy to switch to a stronger one to keep progressing. You could even switch between lighter and heavier days ;)

4. You Don't Have To Attach It To Things

We've all seen the ads of people attaching bands to doors, tables and chairs. While this can increase the amount of exercise options you have with the bands, you DO NOT need attachable bands to get in a great workout. Our plans and exercises will hit ALL your muscle groups.

5. You CAN Build Muscle

A common question is can you build muscle with resistance bands? 

Bands can get a bad rep for being pointless pieces of equipment. Yes, building muscle with bands in conjunction with free weights would massively benefit the end result. However, don't be fooled into thinking you can't build some muscle with bands, because you can. 

It's how you use the bands that matters most, as you need to provide enough of a stimulus on each muscle to break it down and build it up bigger and stronger.

• Focus on slowing down the stretch phase of exercise.
• Progress through band strengths when you can.
• Work in high burn out reps as well as heavier low reps to be well rounded. 


Want to try a resistance band plan now? Here's links to the plans in the app.

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