Hey everyone.

Firstly, we hope you're feel fit and well. Dave and I wanted to assure you that we're working hard to make sure we've got your health and fitness covered during difficult times. #stayhomestaysafe

If like us, keeping up with good quality workouts each week is not only important for your physical fitness but also plays a huge part in your mental wellbeing. Then let's show you how to adapt your weekly workout schedule should you need to stay away from the gym.

Introducing the New Home Workout Categories

Head to the Discover tab. You will see 2 new categories.


These are entire fitness plans that you can do in your home with limited space and no equipment. We have introduced new exercises that you may not have tried before and as always we've ensured the training is high quality, effective and above all, it works. 

Limited Equipment

Some of you have resistance bands or dumbbells at home and these can have a huge impact of how effective you home training can be. We've pulled out all the stops during the lockdown to shoot new plans and these really pack a punch! Perfect for the gym goer who is missing the gym due to the need to stay at home. They're in our workout queues ;)

Create a custom bodyweight only plan

You can also use the Bodyweight only section when creating a custom plan. This will give you more control over the structure of your week if that's what you need. 

New exercises and new plans

We have pulled out all the stops during to make sure your workout life can feel as good as always. More than ever we need to keep our mind and body healthy and suddenly stopping working because our local gym is closed can massively effect us.

Rest assured you now have effective workouts you can do at home, not just your average bodyweight training. We have upped the game considerably for you 🔥.

9 new plans have already gone live and expect to see some interesting limited plans released in the coming days with equipment everyone has at home! Stay safe and stay tuned. 

Let's push through this strong. Use chat if you need to talk we'll be here to answer any fitness questions.

Big love,
Paul and Dave

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