Version 6.2.0 onwards saw the release of Gym Plan on Apple Watch. Here's how you get setup.


Please follow these instructions to install the Gym Plan app on your Apple Watch.

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab (if not already open).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the Gym Plan app to install it on your watch.

Connecting the apps together

Make sure both Gym Plan apps are open on your iPhone and Watch. 

Usually when you start a workout on your iPhone the watch will wake up and display the workout without you having to open the app directly on your iPhone. If this doesn't happen, open the app on your watch manually.

Starting a workout

When you are looking at a workout overview on your iPhone you will see the workout name on your watch. Your watch will show a screen similar to the one below with the name of the workout currently displayed on your iPhone:

Tap start on your iPhone and the workout will begin on your watch.

If you don't see a screen like the one above and instead see a message asking you to open Gym Plan on your iPhone it means your phone and watch are not connected. To remedy this restart your iPhone and watch.

Following a workout

You can swipe through each stage of your workout on the watch. Notice the small navigation dots at the bottom of the screen.

The white tick in the circle is what you tap to register that you have completed a set or round on each stage. As you complete them, you'll notice that the small grey circles turn green, this is a visual guide so you can keep track of how many sets/rounds you have remaining.

Watching a exercise video demo

Tap on the exercise name to open the video. The watch app will use the internet connection on your iPhone to download the video. 

We are working on an update to allow you to download all the videos to your watch for the workout you're doing to speed this process up for you.

Logging weight and reps

All exercises that have logging options will show a green Log Reps button. Tap on this and change the reps (if you need too) and enter the weight you lifted. You can also change the amount of rounds you completed on AMRAP circuits as shown in the screenshot below.

Notice the navigation dots at the bottom of the screen. This means you can swipe the screen to log multiple exercises, on stages such as Supersets, Trisets and circuits.

Completing a workout

There are two ways to complete a workout, just like on the iPhone app.

  1. Completing the workout. By checking all of the sets of each stage, completing everything in the workout. This will automatically complete it for you. You will see the gold trophy and your progress will be logged.
  2. Finish now. If you do not complete the full workout and want to log what you've done, force touch the screen to open a menu where you can choose to finish the workout early.

Quitting a workout from your watch app

If you need to quit a workout from your watch app, force touch the screen and choose Quit.

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