One of the easiest ways to achieve your fitness goals is to ensure you're eating the right amount of food. Wr make this super easy for you without the need of calculating anything.

Under the My Calories tab you'll see three options.

  1. Lose Weight
    80% of members choose this option as it's perfect for lowering your body fat while also allowing you to build some new muscle.
  2. Maintain
    If you're happy with your current size and would like to be able to train effectively choose this option. Most members want to either lose weight or get bigger but this should not be overlooked as a great option for people who want to simply be able to workout with awesome performance.
  3. Gain Weight
    The calories and macros for this option are designed to maximize your muscle growth potential. You may gain some additional body fat while eating in a calorie surplus so it's best to cycle between Gain Weight / Maintain / Lose Weight throughout your training year depending upon how your body is responding to the workouts. 

Everyone will develop at a different pace and the science behind these macros and calories will put you in the best position to improve! 

We get asked two questions all the time...

Question 1: 

Why do I have to eat so many calories when I want to lose weight!?

You will be surprised at how much under eating stalls your weight loss progress. You have to fuel your body well for it to thrive and respond to the training stimulus you're giving it. If you can do one thing today to set yourself up better for tomorrow it's eating enough good nutritious food and not starving your body in an attempt to lose weight faster. It doesn't work and you will rebound and likely gain more weight than you had when you started.

Question 2:

How many protein shakes should I have?

The best answer to this is with a question... are you eating enough protein in your food? If you are (see My Calories tab for the amount in grams you need to hit your goals) then why waste money on protein shakes? You'll be consuming an excessive amount of protein that will either pass through your system or be retained as fat.

Protein shakes are awesome for people who struggle to eat enough protein in their food and increasing protein from your food will be the best place to start. 

Only supplement what your diet lacks!

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