1. Open Coach Chat
  2. Send us a message with your friends email address.
  3. Your friend downloads the app from the App Store, search for Gym Plan: Workouts & Fitness.
  4. Your friend creates a free account using the email address you gave us in point 2. IMPORTANT: Friend must not start a free trial subscription. 
  5. Within 48 hours your friends account will be activated.


⚠️ The email address your friend uses to sign up to the app must match the one you gave us or it will not work.

⚠️ Friend must not start a free trial of their own in the app or we can't activate them onto the add friend link up to your subscription.

⚠️ If you unsubscribe both accounts will lose access to Gym Plan and default back to the limited free account status.

⚠️ Your friend will not be able to see your personal data or training plan and you cannot see theirs. They will act is if they are entirely separate memberships.

⚠️ Your friend will need their own Apple ID and iOS device but will not need to pay for their subscription while you remain subscribed as a full member.

⚠️ If you need to change the friend who has access to the membership gift please talk to us in coach chat.


We hope you enjoy this new feature and membership bonus!

Lastly, a little personal reach out from the team here:

If a friend or partner already subscribes, we understand if one of you decides to cancel their membership. It would mean a lot to us if you both decided to bring new people into the app instead. Losing paying members massively slows down our ability to improve the app. Less money strangles little teams like us where every cent counts.

Thanks for listening 💪😀

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