Hey everyone! 

It's finally here and we've got all our fingers and toes crossed that you enjoy the upgrades in version 6.0.


  • Keep track of the sets you have completed with the new Set Tracker.
  • We added the ability to uncheck a set as complete or edit the weight log you have entered against that set, simply tap a green tick for more options.
  • Your workout is now in easy to follow stages.
  • Added the ability to move to any stage of your workout if the equipment is already in use by another gym member.
  • Added the ability to see the entire workout while the rest timer is active.
  • Added exercise thumbnail previews to help remind you without needing to play the video.
  • Added a workout duration timer at the top of the workout.
  • Clearer instructions for normal sets. E.g. “Complete # sets of the following exercises” will display below each stage of your workout so you know exactly what you need to do.
  • Added a workout summary at the bottom of the workout that gives you your total reps and total volume of weight lifted.
  • Added the ability to part complete a workout. Meaning you can log what you have done if you run out of time or gas. You get an option at the bottom of the workout screen to Finish Now after you have completed at least one set or round. Tapping this will ask you if you want to log what you have completed and exit the workout.
  • Added new rest timer sounds effects. Along with an option to turn on/off the rest timer and its sound effects under options link. 
  • We increased sound levels on timers and made sure they don’t interrupt your music.
  • Added new animations when you complete a workout and check a set or round as completed.
  • Added the ability to skip rest if you want to increase your intensity.
  • Added the ability to show the reps for single sided exercises. It will now show as e.g. “10 reps each side” or “10 secs each side”.
  • Added the ability to log your weights on AMRAPs. It will automatically calculate your reps based on the total of full rounds you complete.
  • New design for AMRAP training (as many rounds as possible) with a simple round tracker to count the rounds you complete.
  • Clearer instructions for AMRAP and Intervals.
  • New design for timed interval training exercises, making it easier to follow along while the videos play.
  • Added the ability to log your weights on timed interval training.


  • 5x5 Drive. The classic 5x5 training method.
  • FHiiT Over 40. The lean muscle building plan for men in their 40s.
  • The Butt Kicking. Your ultimate 30-day booty transformation guide using the latest research into glutei training methods.
  • Push, Pull, Legs. The popular and effective way to build muscle and get stronger while still giving your body sufficient recovery time.
  • Ladies That Lift (Beginners). This plan is your perfect introduction to weight training in a gym. We will progress you over 4 weeks from machine based exercises to free-weight exercises. 

More plans coming EVERY month!


  • We’ve done an update/review of all our content. Quantity AND high quality is top of our priorities for the app. We’re not in this to make an ‘ok’ app we want to make the best there is.
  • We’ve added hundreds of new exercises that will be getting featured in the upcoming plan releases. There’s some awesome stuff that we can’t wait to do more of ourselves!


  • Coach chat is now a members only feature. App support will still be available for users on the free plan via our help centre. This was a tough decision as we love chatting to you all but we want to make sure our members get the speed and level of service we can continue to be proud of.
  • Renamed the Nutrition tab to ‘My Calories’. No matter what plan you choose you can follow the exact calories you need to: 

   -- Lose fat (and build lean muscle)
   -- Maintain your current weight
   -- Gain weight and muscle mass.

Thanks again for being a member and supporting the small independent teams like us!

Paul & Dave

p.s. we'd love to hear what you think of the update. If you like it a fresh app store review would be a huge help. If you don't like the update, talk to us in coach chat as we want to make the app as awesome as we can.

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